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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Welcome to the shopping website of Xiaomuweiwuwudian. In order to protect your rights, please read the terms and conditions of this store.

This shop (hereinafter referred to as "we", "the company" or "small animal house"). We own and operate the website www.ceohousehk.store (hereinafter referred to as "this website" or "ceohousehk.store"). Our website provides a convenient way for our customers to purchase our products online ("Services"). Please read these terms carefully before using this website. By using this website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The revised terms will take effect from the date of publication.

Store details and policies

By clicking I agree to the Terms of Service and the Return Policy when you check out the shopping cart, you are aware of and agree to the entire terms of this agreement. We will protect your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and comply with the store privacy protection policy.

By using our services at SHOPLINE, you agree to the use of electronic documents as a means of expression.

- Order related -

1. We reserve the right to accept orders. If you are unable to accept your order due to accidents, etc., you will be contacted by phone, MAIL or on-site order message, you can replace the order content or apply for a refund, causing your inconvenience. Please forgive me.

2, order a variety of goods, please checkout in the same shopping cart, if the separate checkout produces more than two orders, please complete the payment according to the individual payment method / account, the system can not be combined with the payment and the combined order shipment, please Be sure to pay attention.

3, all prices in this store are calculated in Hong Kong dollars

- Distribution related -

After the order is received, it will be shipped within three working days. Shipping time is from Monday to Friday. (excluding pre-ordered products)

Komami House Freight Planning Method

 1. Delivery address delivery (residential)

Free shipping for a single order over 180 yuan, if the price is less than 180 yuan, the shipping fee will be charged 40 yuan. In the case of remote areas, SF will charge a surcharge, which will be collected by SF staff upon arrival. For more information on surcharges in remote areas, please see: http://www.sf-express.com/HK/ZF/download/Remote_area_TC.pdf


2. SF Service Center / SF Station

Free shipping for a single order over 180 yuan, if the price is less than 180 yuan, the shipping fee will be charged 40 yuan. Please pick it up in 48 hours.

   3. Industry and commerce area

The shunfeng express is used in the industrial and commercial areas. If the order is over 180 yuan, the free shipping fee will be charged. If the price is less than 180 yuan, the freight will be charged 40 yuan.

If the industrial and commercial areas are remote areas, SF will charge a surcharge, which will be collected by SF staff when the goods arrive. For more information on surcharges in remote areas, please see: http://www.sf-express.com/HK/ZF/download/Remote_area_TC.pdf

4. SF cabinet picks up

 Free shipping for a single order over 180 yuan, if the price is less than 180 yuan, the shipping fee will be charged 40 yuan. Please pick up within 48 hours

※The order will be shipped within 3 working days, and you will receive EMAIL notification after shipment.

※If the recipient information is incomplete, the mobile phone number is incorrectly filled, the MAIL mailbox is filled in incorrectly, the recipient cannot receive the goods, the accidental natural disaster, the system equipment maintenance, the goods transfer, the inventory, the factory replenishment, etc., the shipping time will be For the delay, please forgive me.

※After the parcel is sent out, if the parcel is returned due to the recipient's information, the recipient cannot receive the goods, or the pick-up address is not signed, the recipient must be re-delivered after replenishing the freight.

※The above distribution time is the estimated time. The actual delivery status is mainly based on the local delivery driver. It is not possible to promise the delivery time. If there is gift, going abroad or other special reasons, you need to bear the risk of aging.

※ In case of irresistible factors of natural disasters and some stores are closed for weekends or other special reasons, the package may take more working days to reach the pickup market.

※If the order mixes pre-ordered and purchased goods, it will be delivered in the form of combined delivery, and the goods will be shipped together. If you need to ship separately, please contact our online customer service department to make another arrangement (separate delivery) Additional shipping charges may be added. Details are subject to the reply of individual colleagues.


- Face to face -

contact us


 The above methods of goods transportation are only available in Hong Kong

5. International mailing

Hongkong Post – Speedpost

Shipping: According to the post office, by weight. We can only arrange postage quotes for you after the customer has determined the number of products purchased. Customers are advised to refer to the Hongkong Post website for initial quotation. Since the bag/carton will also be counted in the postage, the final postage may differ from the initial offer. The final postage is based on the price at the time of mailing.

Preset shipping: The current postage per transaction is set at HKD 200. If the postage exceeds this number, the customer will be required to pay the relevant shipping charges.

Additional shipping fee:

• Please contact us to confirm the shipping cost of the reimbursement and purchase the required payment amount in the “Replenishment Shipping Fee”.

• Enter the order form "Order Number" for the shipping charge in "Order Notes".

• The product will be shipped after confirming the receipt of the shipping fee.

Entrance restrictions: Customers must pay attention to whether the destination has package weight and other restrictions. Some countries may levy taxes on packages that exceed a certain weight. Customers are responsible for understanding the restrictions and being responsible for the costs.

Time required: about 7-14 working days.

- payment method -

 We accept the following payment methods:

i. VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. We do not collect or retain your credit card details. All transactions are encrypted via the Internet using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Ii. PayPal

Iii. Apple Pay

Iv. Google Pay

v. PayMe - WhatsApp : 68087760 Payme QR CODE

Vi. Speed ​​fast FPS-8646606

Vii. O!ePey

For details, please visit https://www.ceohousehk.store/pages/oepay

Viii. Bank transfer

Bank Name: BOC Hong Kong

Account number: 012-740-1-013713-2


After payment, please upload the number of papers into the "Store and Customer Order Newsletter" column in the lower right corner of the information page of your account, or email the number of papers and contact information to cs@ceohousehk.store or WhatsApp to 68087760. Place an order number to confirm the payment.


1. Information and pictures are for reference only, all subject to the actual product

2. Cancel orders, returns and refunds



• After receiving the goods, please check if the goods are complete and you must keep the documents or order emails for your records. If you find any problems, you can return the goods within 7 days after signing the goods, and will not accept them after the deadline.

• All goods must be returned in the form of their original sale, ie packaging and card labels. If the goods have been damaged, modified or damaged, no refund will be given.


Return process:

Please clearly identify the problematic place of the item, together with the order number and the item number, email to Komaki Customer Service Department (cs@ceohousehk.store) to apply for return and specify "Return" in the email to ensure the return process. smoothly. When we confirm that the return conditions are met, you will receive a reply confirmation email along with a set of return numbers before returning to us. After successfully returning the goods, we will arrange a refund in the system, and will generally return your payment to your payment account within 14 working days.


Return method:

SF Express

• Please use the original packaging or prepare a complete bag to properly package the returned goods, delivery note or order, and return it to the following address: Room 2301, Dali Center, 88 Limu Road, Kwai Chung (Small Shepherd)

The company has the final decision on all refunds and returns.

3. Force majeure

In the event of any "force majeure" (including due to natural disasters, fires, floods, casualties, accidents, strikes, labor disputes, labor shortages or shortage of skilled workers, shortage of products or raw materials or lack of supply, delays in transportation or any other in the company Reasons outside the scope of reasonable control result in the Company's inability to perform its obligations under this website, and the Company is not liable for such damages.

4. Disclaimer

The Company shall not be liable for any indirect or direct damages, losses, expenses or expenses incurred by you in connection with or indirectly relying on or using this website or related materials.

5. Intellectual property rights

The company owns the intellectual property rights of this website and all its contents, including trademarks, logos, product names, company names. Any reproduction or use of any content on this website without prior written approval is strictly prohibited.


Store privacy protection policy

- Data collection and use -

1. This store is a cooperative store of SHOPLINE. When you shop, the store will collect your personal data and consumption related information in the process of shopping checkout and fulfillment contract through the functions provided by SHOPLINE platform, as the goods or Service, and the subsequent use of customer service and marketing promotion related to SHOPLINE.

2. The store may provide the information necessary for the delivery of goods or services to the logistics company for distribution or contact.


- Information disclosure -

1. The store will not disclose to anyone except the law, the investigation of the judicial organs, other competent authorities or the police units, or the necessary circumstances for you to violate the law or the contract. Sell ​​your profile.


- Privacy Policy Revision -

1. The store reserves the right to amend this privacy protection policy at any time. If there are any major changes affecting your rights, the store will announce it at the appropriate place on the website.